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All while raising a family

This is about finding your UPLIFTed career and your aligned life, whatever that means for you. 

I may not know what that looks like for you (yet), but I know how to get you there. 

Experience has taught me that we process and work through things differently. This is why all UPLIFT Your Career programs are tailored to you and your goals as a professional working mother.

Dear professional working mom,

Life is too short to compromise your career happiness!

It’s time for a change! Time to create the career that fulfills and UPLIFTS you.

Feeling stuck in your career and ready to make the next move but you are concerned about the energy investment required while raising your family?
You are lacking the self confidence to go after the career you want because you haven't been on the job market for a while?
Feeling confused as to why all the job applications you submit are not getting responses and you are not sure which direction to go?
Concerned that you may not have the required skills for the job and will not succeed during the interview process?

Your experience has shown you what you DON'T want but you're unsure what's next for you. You know you should be further along, but you can't seem to communicate or identify what you need to make that happen.

You've tried fixing the issues on your own, with no success, which only added to your frustration. But now you're ready to truly invest in yourself and get the help you need without having to sacrifice your non-negotiable motherly duties.



Feeling depleted, trapped, conflicted, anxious...

You've come to the right place.

Take a deep breath. There is a reason you have found this site. You are ready to get the support you need to change what's not working and to no longer feel  the "mommy guilt" for wanting to put YOU first this time.

I'm Nathalie,

Experienced Career Strategist

I am a former Human Resources Executive with 15+ years of experience in recruitment, talent management and employee development.


Today, I get to work with professional working mothers just like you and UPLIFT them to design a career that is aligned with their lives all while raising a family.


I am also a Certified Birkman Consultant,

a self-awareness and career orientation tool.


I have used this method to coach over 300 clients across the Caribbean, Latin America, the United States, Canada and Europe.


My approach is founded on 3 Core Pillars:

  • Clarity

  • Direction

  • Empowerment


This approach builds on my client’s unique personalities to establish a strong career strategy that they can be proud of.


Clients feel empowered to make confident career moves, increase their visibility and form a clear, strategic career trajectory that is aligned with every aspect of their lives.


I help professional working mothers make confident career moves all while raising a family.~ Nathalie

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online video ecourse

Your Job Search Strategy Blueprint

The Job Search Strategy Blueprint eCourse is designed for the professional working mother that is ready to get back on the job market with a clear understanding of how to set herself up for success from the start and get the attention from employers that she craves to work for. Included are easy-to-consume video training modules and supporting materials.


the birkman method

Self-Awareness & Career Orientation Tool

If you want to invest in yourself at the highest level of detail, the Signature Birkman Package offers you focus on the issues you face, the goals you have, and attributes that will help you meet those goals and challenge your perception of success. This reporting is an essential tool to help you focus on your work skills and preferences all while identifying key elements of your personality.

professional brandinG

Make an Impact from the Competition

Your professional brand is essential to cultivating a successful career. It's more than your resume, it's about how you fully present yourself to potential employers.

Your brand is your value, it's what you have to offer that sets you apart form others in your field.

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career relaunch

Group Coaching Program for Professional Working Mothers

The Career Relaunch is a virtual Group Coaching program for professional working mothers just like you. Together, you will gain clarity on who you are and what you have to offer. You will have a clear roadmap to guide your career decisions and feel confident in making career moves all while raising a family.

Executive & Career Coaching is not only about helping you draft a powerful resume.

Although we will do that too...


15+ years of corporate experience in Human Resources, Recruitment and Employee Development

Combined with my behavioral and personality certification in the Birkman Method to help you breakthrough what is holding you back from having the career you love and that is aligned with your purpose and life, I am ready to give you the perfect path to uplift your career once and for all!

Don't Take my Word for it! Take Theirs...

Working on Laptop

Nadia S.

Going through the VIP Career Strategy program with Nathalie was just what I needed to get clarity on my career. Nathalie was able to get me to see things in whole new way and her tips were on point.

Smart Phone

Ingrid E.

I not only highly recommend the Signature Birkman Coaching Package to anyone who needs guidance on career orientation or even improvement on leadership skills, I also urge you to specifically pick Nathalie as your career coach! Nathalie's enthusiasm and approach is quite contagious; she shares your emotions with you as you go along. I loved it and so will you.

Businesswoman at Home

Sylvie B.

I had the pleasure of being coached by Nathalie and I was UPLIFTED! Nathalie was very professional and knowledgeable. After our sessions I felt more confident and ready for my job search and interviews. Thanks Nathalie for everything!

"One third of your life is spent at work.
Your career is a BIG part of your life, but as a working mother, it is not ALL of your life. When you invest in UPLIFTing your career, you are elevating your life experience. You deserve work that fulfills you in every way."


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